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With German equipment in our two operating factories, more than 60 craftsmen produce more than 700 high quality masterpieces every day, our custom jewelry company is the best choice for wholesalers! (34).png

Complete German foundry and coating machines. (34).png

German laser soldering equipment. (34).png

German and Swiss coating equipment (gold and rose gold up to 2.5 microns, rhodium, electrolytic plating, etc.). (34).png

Fisher XRF Metal and Micron Inspection Apparatus. (34).png

Own production of stone with individual shape of stones and cut from more than 20 natural gemstones. (34).png

German laser marking machine.


RAVZA SILVER is a full-service bespoke jewelry manufacturing facility located in Istanbul, Turkey. All design and production is done in-house, so your designs are strictly protected and kept confidential. Special designs of jewelry are made according to the needs of the client on a bespoke basis. (34).png

64 experienced craftsmen with 2 operating factories. (34).png

In-house graphic designers. (34).png

Certified raw materials for production. (34).png

Strong quality control department. (34).png

Exports to more than 30 countries, manufactures branded products in many countries, serves wholesalers and retailers. (34).png

More than 700 pieces of high-quality jewelry are produced here every day.

Personalized jewelry from Ravza Silver. Give joy and do something pleasant for your loved ones.

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